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Our Featured Services

Learn more about our featured services that makes our pharmacy uniquely different.

Competitive Pricing

We offer the lowest price in the area on cash prescriptions. Co-payments for prescriptions billed through insurance are the same as any large chain pharmacies.

Diabetes Care

Trained and certified pharmacist available for FREE diabetes care education. We have a full line of diabetic supplies, please ask our pharmacists.

Prescription Transfer

We offer easy and hassle free prescription transfer. Just let our pharmacists know the pharmacy where you last filled your prescriptions and we will take care of the rest.


We offer FREE delivery services to local South Shore areas of Massachusetts.


We compound veterinary and human medications to meet the specific needs of every patient. Whether it's an allergy to a dye or ingredient, a need for a different strength or dosage form, or a customized medication that is not commercially available, our compounding pharmacists can help you with your medication needs.

Medication Compliance Packaging

Whether you require traditional vials or are looking for a more advanced packaging method like blister packing or pill box fill, we are more than glad to help. Please ask our pharmacists about the different packaging options we offer.